Sunday, March 25, 2007


trying to be happy
not being happy
wondering what it is
as though it has a name
running all over the place
as though it could be seen
reading the tomes
as though it hid there
trying to be happy
not being happy

learned finally
that it is inside me
happy am I
knowing where it is
until have I started
searching for it again;
restless am I
every hour of the day
thinking am I always about
how to give up the world
for that is how I thought
I could see inside me

Learned that everyone
around me is a part of me
when I can't see inside me
I have the world full of me
let me take a look at new me
for I want to know
the other parts of me
I know it now
why am I sad - I
tried to satisfy a part of me
when the big rest of me is suffering
needing a language to break the ice
have I found the curve of smile
soon followed by the love and compassion
have I found the tiny myself happy!
time to let the other parts of me
know that they are happy
if they could just brush
the veil of ignorance.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Life - A Teacher

Difficult times teach you life and
happy times test your knowledge

Learn and pass the test
as you can't cheat the life
for it is so cleaver and
can repeat the teach & test vicious cycle

More the time you take to learn
tougher the lessons get
later the tests come

So, let's learn it quick
and come out of the cycle

Friday, September 16, 2005


Wondering….. why do I like my childhood?

When I was a kid …..

Did I ever hesitate to show the teeth?
Did I ever look around to roll the tears down?
Did I ever think of those magic green bucks?
Did I ever juxtapose my fortune next to somebody’s to compare?
Did I ever carry the bitterness of a fight to the next day?
Did I ever think of the next moment?
Did I ever get buried in the thoughts of yesterday?
Did I ever try to judge others?
Did I ever think of my thoughts?
Did I ever need to know the meaning of peace?

Then what all did I do?????
I ate what mom gave till she got tired of convincing me for another mouthful, played till Sun could see my part of the world and slept till I could use up dad’s last ounce of patience

How simple, unpolluted and satisfied was it?

Now I know why I like it and so does everyone :-)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Relationship so.... fervent

As long as the Sun embraces the mornings
As long as the tides caress the shores

As long as the evenings turn into nights
As long as the rivers run into oceans

As long as the air brisks around us
As long as the bees whistle around the flowers

As long as the stars twinkle around the Moon
As long as the branches bow to the earth for its generosity

As long as the feelings dance to the tune of emotions
As long as the situations arrange a concert for emotions

My friend, You are there in my heart!

Monday, August 22, 2005


Turning into a rose I thought that
I would give fragrance to you, but failed to notice that I have thorns in me
Becoming a bee I thought that
I would get honey to you, but forgot that I have a sting in me
Shaping into the eyelids of you I thought that
I would safeguard your eyes, but became an aid to you to roll your tears down
Transforming into a neem tree I thought that
I would give shade to you, but could only bear bitter fruits for you
Finally transpiring into a friend of you I thought that
I would share my love and affection, but learned that I can only hurt you

I am inherently bad...

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Accept changes in life

Life begins to unfold
as you accept changes
For only they keep you fresh
embrace them with a smile
Cherish the sweet memories
for you are the one who got some
Don't shackle your heart & mind
your body needs 'em to walk through the time
Live with the people that are around you
for they want to be a part of you

Miss not the present
while you contemplate over the past