Friday, September 16, 2005


Wondering….. why do I like my childhood?

When I was a kid …..

Did I ever hesitate to show the teeth?
Did I ever look around to roll the tears down?
Did I ever think of those magic green bucks?
Did I ever juxtapose my fortune next to somebody’s to compare?
Did I ever carry the bitterness of a fight to the next day?
Did I ever think of the next moment?
Did I ever get buried in the thoughts of yesterday?
Did I ever try to judge others?
Did I ever think of my thoughts?
Did I ever need to know the meaning of peace?

Then what all did I do?????
I ate what mom gave till she got tired of convincing me for another mouthful, played till Sun could see my part of the world and slept till I could use up dad’s last ounce of patience

How simple, unpolluted and satisfied was it?

Now I know why I like it and so does everyone :-)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Relationship so.... fervent

As long as the Sun embraces the mornings
As long as the tides caress the shores

As long as the evenings turn into nights
As long as the rivers run into oceans

As long as the air brisks around us
As long as the bees whistle around the flowers

As long as the stars twinkle around the Moon
As long as the branches bow to the earth for its generosity

As long as the feelings dance to the tune of emotions
As long as the situations arrange a concert for emotions

My friend, You are there in my heart!