Friday, September 16, 2005


Wondering….. why do I like my childhood?

When I was a kid …..

Did I ever hesitate to show the teeth?
Did I ever look around to roll the tears down?
Did I ever think of those magic green bucks?
Did I ever juxtapose my fortune next to somebody’s to compare?
Did I ever carry the bitterness of a fight to the next day?
Did I ever think of the next moment?
Did I ever get buried in the thoughts of yesterday?
Did I ever try to judge others?
Did I ever think of my thoughts?
Did I ever need to know the meaning of peace?

Then what all did I do?????
I ate what mom gave till she got tired of convincing me for another mouthful, played till Sun could see my part of the world and slept till I could use up dad’s last ounce of patience

How simple, unpolluted and satisfied was it?

Now I know why I like it and so does everyone :-)


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Anoop Sundaram said...

hey realllllly coool and sooo true!!

Sneha Acharya said...

How true ... boo i want my childhood back :-)