Sunday, March 25, 2007


trying to be happy
not being happy
wondering what it is
as though it has a name
running all over the place
as though it could be seen
reading the tomes
as though it hid there
trying to be happy
not being happy

learned finally
that it is inside me
happy am I
knowing where it is
until have I started
searching for it again;
restless am I
every hour of the day
thinking am I always about
how to give up the world
for that is how I thought
I could see inside me

Learned that everyone
around me is a part of me
when I can't see inside me
I have the world full of me
let me take a look at new me
for I want to know
the other parts of me
I know it now
why am I sad - I
tried to satisfy a part of me
when the big rest of me is suffering
needing a language to break the ice
have I found the curve of smile
soon followed by the love and compassion
have I found the tiny myself happy!
time to let the other parts of me
know that they are happy
if they could just brush
the veil of ignorance.


Megha said...

Your poem says a lot in very little :)
Is happiness ever complete?

Ramesh said...

I can't prove it; but I believe it is.

It is complete and eternal.

But, we too often and too early think that we reached the state of eternal happiness and realize otherwise later. These are the kind of experiences that haunt us and wouldn't let us be happy completely there after.

Megha said...

Fair enough:)

Megha said...
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M A said...


This is a very refreshing change of colors :)