Monday, August 22, 2005


Turning into a rose I thought that
I would give fragrance to you, but failed to notice that I have thorns in me
Becoming a bee I thought that
I would get honey to you, but forgot that I have a sting in me
Shaping into the eyelids of you I thought that
I would safeguard your eyes, but became an aid to you to roll your tears down
Transforming into a neem tree I thought that
I would give shade to you, but could only bear bitter fruits for you
Finally transpiring into a friend of you I thought that
I would share my love and affection, but learned that I can only hurt you

I am inherently bad...

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Accept changes in life

Life begins to unfold
as you accept changes
For only they keep you fresh
embrace them with a smile
Cherish the sweet memories
for you are the one who got some
Don't shackle your heart & mind
your body needs 'em to walk through the time
Live with the people that are around you
for they want to be a part of you

Miss not the present
while you contemplate over the past